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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Elemental Baby review

Elemental Baby

As my daughter gets ready to graduate as she constantly tells me in 10 days I begin to think back to when she was a baby. My little girl who was so sick when she was born is now a strong senior in high school who will soon graduate and move away to a college. How time flies. I have many memories through pictures, stories and memories to share about my little girl. You can keep such treasures for your little one as well. Elemental Baby allows you to keep these treasures in a hardbound book created just for your little girl or boy.

Babies change so fast and you can capture these thoughts, moments and first experiences in the wonderful Elemental Baby book. The Elemental Baby book is a keeper for sure and comes in so many great styles.

We received this wonderful little book for our little princess from Elemental Baby. The book begins with information about mom, dad and of course little princess. Travels through experiences that will come during the first 5 years of life. What a wonderful place to put all the wonderful memories.

Elemental Baby sells many styles of books including

  • first year memory baby book
  • early years memory baby book which is what we received
  • Elemental Baby can custom make a baby book
  • guest books

Don't worry the great memory books do not end as you move out of the baby stage. The Elemental Baby memory books continue through school years as well. Allowing you to continue to collect great memories to share later.

Pictures and memories to share are worth more than money and how great it is to keep all the great stories of your child's great childhood in a book so that those memories do not get lost. Elemental Baby allows that to happen so at a later time you can sit down and look back on how things have change.

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