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Monday, December 3, 2018

Warnings About Soda Pop

Have you ever opened up that can of soda pop and took a sip only to find the taste was not what you were expecting?? The taste of the soda may be due to it going bad. Yes, soda pop like most food and drinks can go bad. This is the reason that you should be sure to take a look at the date printed on the can that shares "Best if Used by Date".

Manufacture's estimate how long the product will stay at its peak quality. Soda that has remained unopened past this date will still be safe to consume for a bit of time if it has been stored properly and remains damage free. To ensure food borne illnesses it is still best to dispose of any food or drink that has passed the shelf life or show signs of spoiling. However, soda is just a bit different, how do you know when soda pop is no good.

  • can appears to be leaking or rusting it should be disposed of
  • dented or bulging cans should be tossed out
  • discoloration of the soda after being opened is a sign it has started to go bad
  • if the soda seems to have an odd flavor, appearance, or odor then get rid of it

Beware diet soda may go bad quicker than regular soda. Sweetener in the diet soda break down chemically in time and will change the taste of the soda.

Soda pop should be stored in a cool dry area. Soda has shelf life of 6-9 months after the sell by date. After that time it is best to dispose of .

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