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Friday, December 7, 2018

State Seal of Illinois

The state emblem is Illinois can be found on the state flag. It is the Great Seal of the State of Illinois. The state seal was adopted in 1869 and the flag bearing the central elements of the seal was adopted in 1915. In 1970 the word Illinois was added to the state flag.

In 1819 the first Great Seal of the State of Illinois was adopted by the first Illinois General Assembly. The law stated the Great Seal must be procured and kept by the Secretary of State of Illinois. The first seal was an engraved duplicate of the Great Seal of the United States. In 1839 the seal was re-cut and became the Second Great Seal.

The third seal of the state of Illinois was directed by State Senator Allen Fuller representing a group led by State of Illinois Secretary Sharon Tyndale. It was brought up to change the words of "State Sovereignty, National Union" to "National Union State Sovereignty." However, the words were not changed but a new seal would be designed. The new design wraps around allowing the eye to suggestively see the word "Sovereignty" upside down making it a bit harder to read.

The newly redesigned seal featured a bald eagle on a rock carrying a shield it its talons and a banner in its beak. There are thirteen stars and thirteen strips on the shield that represented the original thirteen states of the Union. The date of August 26, 1818 when the states first constitution was adopted appears along the bottom arc of the circle and 1818 the year Illinois became a state displays on the seal below 1868. Since the last seal there have been only minor modifications.

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