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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Touch Tone Phone

Back when home phones were popular the push button phone was one of the favorites. Still used in many businesses the push button phone has buttons for dialing a telephone number. The buttons replaced the rotary dial as many earlier phones had. The Bell system in the United States introduced push buttons to the world in 1963. The push button phone was mechanically activated to produce 2 tones for each of the ten digits.

The general public continued to hold strong to the rotary dialed phone. Touch tone phones picked up speed during the 1970s. The Bell system leased telephones to the public rather than making the phone user purchase a phone. Businesses were the first to install push button phones. By 1979 the touch tone phone was more popular than before but the real awareness was not until during the 1980s and by the 1990s the touch tone phone was in majority of homes with phone.

Today many houses no longer have phones since the cell phone and smart phone are very popular and can travel with the individual.

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