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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Train Day

The smell and sounds of trains have always excited my husband. At one point in time in our marriage we lived in an old depot town, Roodhouse Illinois. Roodhouse was a bustling railroad station with a town built around it.

Railroad trains travel thousands of miles across the countryside all over the world, transporting goods and passengers to many different places. In return people and goods travel back. Cargo or people it will travel through cities and forests, mountains and plains. All this transportation taking place because of those great trains.

Railroads followed wagon trains that were like railroads only they were powered by horse instead of iron horses. Both wagon trains and railroad trains were used to transport larger loads over a greater distance with prepared paths. Early railroad trains were built to travel on wooden rails It was during the industrial revolution that metal rails were installed. May 10, 1869 was that famous date in Utah when the final spike to tie the 1,776 miles of Central Pacific and the Union Pacific railways together.
The railway hosted its heydays during the early 1900's.

Train Day was established in 2008 by Amtrak

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