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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Summer Reading Tips

While school is out and the fun has begun we should still strive to keep our children on a reading schedule of sorts. Sustaining reading skills, practice reading and reading for enjoyment should all be goals for summer reading. I have all ready had one of my children inquire about the local library reading program and since they are excited I am too.

Reading is a skill children will need for a life time. Other skills that reading helps to build are visualization, thinking and language skills. To me and it should be to us all reading is important. Reading with our children is a great chance to see if they are learning all they should be. Early identification of issues with reading gives a child the chance to develop skills to learn how to read and lead a successful and productive life.

While children need free time in the summer to relax and have fun. There are ways that we can help make summer reading fun as well. Some tips that we can follow are:

  • have a special scheduled time to read to our children. Make it fun time by reading in different places
  • make sure that as parents we are allowing our children to see us reading. 
  • one fun idea would to have a book discussion. read the same book as your child and discuss what you read. This is a great way to put into thought what the child is reading
  • allow your child to read their choice of book within given guidelines. This will help encourage reading
  • our children always loved to listen to books on tape or cd and follow along with the book. This is great for young children or to listen to a story instead of watching T.V.
  • Our children love libraries they are a great way to search for a great book to read. Many times there is a summer reading club for children with easy goals that can be reached. Special summer reading activities may take place as well
  • Our children are allowed magazine subscriptions for their birthday or other gift giving time. This allows them a special gift every time the magazine is delivered and gives them another reason to want to read. 
  • play road sign games while traveling this summer. Reading traffic signs, billboards, etc... will help your child to not be bored in the car and offer them yet more new vocab words

ehis educational post shared at --------- Penny Pinching Party as reading is a great resource and free as well

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