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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Drugs and Alcohol while Pregnant Awareness

Oh the joy and delight when a woman finds out that she is pregnant. It is a chance to raise a baby of your own. The delight of watching him or her grow is a wonderful thing. I felt that very same way but  was always a bit scared as well. My mother had several miscarriages and this fact scared me, what if it could happen to me. Everything I did I tried to make sure it would not hurt my child.

One decision that I never made but some do was to take drugs or alcohol. Drug or alcohol abuse by an expecting mother can have negative effects during birth and lead to bigger problems in life. May helps to bring awareness to Alcohol and Drug Related Bird Defects. Drugs and alcohol can have negative effects on ones health. Bad decisions such as committing suicide, getting into accidents and committing crimes have been due to drugs and alcohol as well before. Making the decision for not only one self but for the unborn child a pregnant lady caries is more than just a danger to their self. That unborn child has no choice and because of a mother's actions must also pay the price , having no  chance to make a choice for their self.

Pregnant women choice to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and use illicit drugs are all choices that have negative effects on the child they carry. Though the unborn child has no choice in the matter the negativity can show up in their lives such as:

  • low birth weight
  • small head circumference
  • development delay
  • facial abnormalities
  • poor coordination
  • poor concentration
Alcohol & Drug Related Birth Defect Awareness Week helps raise awareness of the danger using drugs and alcohol when one is pregnant. The week is used to bring awareness to the unfair practice of making decisions for the unborn child. Most women do not realize they are pregnant until the 4th to 6th week by this time the effects of drugs and alcohol have all ready been done. Birth defects caused by drugs and alcohol are 100% avoidable. 

Around 25-50 % of all children exposed to alcohol or other drugs prenatally will be born with physical condition. These conditions include heart defects, immunity issues, cleft lip and palate, epilepsy, heart failure or renal damage One in every 750 children in the United States are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. One in every 10 pregnant women admit to drinking alcohol.

Smoking while pregnant can cause tissue damage to the fetus The carbon dioxide in the tobacco can cause issues when baby is learning to use lungs and oxygen supply.

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