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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Teach Our Children To Be Kind To Animals

Being kind to animals is not something that comes easy to everyone In fact it is best to teach our children the right and wrong ways to treat animals instead of taking a chance on them all ready knowing how to be kind to all living things. Some kids do not have any knowledge of how to treat anything gentle and not all of us have that friend or older adult to teach us.

Science and forensics have showed us that we should pay attention to how children treat animals. At times there has been evidence that children that are cruel to animals grow up to be individuals who are known to have violent behaviors. This is why it is important to teach compassion. Teaching compassion will hopefully allow our children to develop empathy for all living things. When we encourage respect for animal habitats we are re-enforcing the lesson to our kids that we must protect the environment to care for animal habitats.

Some children will get very excited when they come close to an animal. I know that there have been many children that I have helped to learn to pet The trick for them to learn is that if they pull or pet the wrong way that it will hurt the animal. Kids should learn to pet furry animals gently in the direction that the animal hair lays. Animals like humans have sensitive areas that we want to teach our children to avoid.

One way our children can enjoy animals in the wild is to admire from afar. This can be anywhere from the backyard to somewhere out in nature. Pickup a few rocks what can you find under them?? How do birds, squirrels and other animals interact with each other?? This is a great test for self-restraint for children and a peaceful time to sit and observe as well.

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