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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Recently, the ladies in our family gathered with the families to celebrate the life of one of our Senior members. Looking at us there is one thing you can tell for sure, we all had our children early. I was barely 16, my sister in law was 15, my niece was 16, and there were many others that had been mothers while in mid to early teens. Ask any of us we will tell you that we were blessed and love our children but we will also tell you we reflect and wish we had matured more in life and being a teen parent was difficult but doable. I am proud to say that my daughters were not teen-parents and I am thankful they enjoyed their teen years.

Every May, the nation places attention to teen pregnancy prevention. National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM) helps show the historic declines in the rates of teen births in the United States. 

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month is celebrated due to the tremendous numerical decline in teen pregnancy and birth rates. The reason for this decline is the awareness, prevention and intervention to youth, parents and communities. Since 1991 the birth rates for teens 15 to 19 years of age have declined according to the CDC. 

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