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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Join The PTA

Join the PTA to help make the school better. The PTA opens up the possibility to volunteer. The PTA Shares the various openings for volunteer. The Parent Teacher association is a great way to make your voice heard and connect with other parents. Want to share your thoughts go to visit the PTA meeting and see what others think as well. This opens up the chance to discuss with other the possibility of opening up new student programs. As part of the PTA you will have the opportunity to stay informed that will lead you to becoming a super in touch parent.

Benefits that the PTA offers parents are:

  • a chance to build a network of friends and supporters for your family and educational needs
  • chance to find and learn new resources and skills to be better parents
  • the chance to keep up with current legislative issues
  • the chance to learn leadership skills.  

 Students benefit By:

  • when parents and students are involved with each other on the subject of education they perform better academically
  • students benefit from hard work and education 
  • students are given the chance to provide role models and a sense of safety and community

Schools benefit through PTA via :

  • The PTA helps schools to improve parents and teachers
  • The PTA helps schools speak out about needs at the school and in the community
  • PTA helps create safer schools and communities 

Become a PTA member and get involved. First thing you need to do is attend the PTA meeting at your school. 

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