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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

No Socks Day

Most all of us wear them on our feet. Most of us have our favorite color and / or style. What am I speaking of?? Socks, wonderful socks. A fantastic invention, made of warm soft tubes of fabric that go over our feet and ensure that our feet remain warm in cold weather and comfortable all the time. Perfect for walking around the house in. At times, they are a bit of annoying That is why I love the chance to go with no socks. May 8th, No Sock Day is our chance to let our feet go free and our toes dangle. 

Through the years socks have been one piece of clothing that has changed. The earliest socks were most likely made from animal skins that were gathered and tied around the ankles. The Greek poet Hesiod during the 8th century BC spoke of Ancient Greeks wearing socks known as "piloi" which were made from matted animal hair 

Somewhere after that time and before the Industrial Revolution socks and stockings were knitted. Stockings were found in Egyptian graves from 500 A.D. Not everyone could have socks as for years they were a status symbol of the rich. It was in the middle ages that pants and stockings together was a single piece of clothing. 

 An English reverend invented the knitting loom in 1589. Queen Elizabeth I received a pair of black stockings from William Lee the inventor of the knitting loom. The Queen however found the socks horrifying and refused to sign a patent. This however, would not be the same for France's King Henri IV who offered Lee financial support to build a stocking factory. After the Industrial revolution the wool socks became cheaper and easier to make and share with society.  Socks eventually became mass produced and everyone could have socks. So where did the notion for a No Socks Day come from?? 

Thomas Roy an actor who could be seen in the film 12 Monkeys and The Answer Man helped to create No Socks Day. There are many reasons that we wear socks from keeping our feet warm to protecting our feet

People from all walks of life are celebrating the day by wearing their shoes with NO SOCKS. 

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  1. I would not want my teenag son wearing his sneakers all day without socks.... LOL it would not be a good thing!


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