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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Is It Vitamin Time

The life of a working wife and mom can get fairly stressful. From the meetings at work to the meetings and important times with our children, not to mention what our husbands need from us as well. Then there is the house and yard to care for and so much else. It all leaves me overly tired.

We all know that a good diet is important. Staying positive is important as well. When the world gets a bit overwhelming it can all easily fall apart. When it gets to where it seems unmanageable it is time to see a doctor. I possess several health issues from my diabetes to arthritis , not to mention that at times I get a bit depressed. Normally, the first thing that happens when I finally go to the dr is that he orders a whole battery of test. There have been several times my test results come back dehydrated and all levels off. I normally bounce back after following dr orders  I am happy to say. My daughter on the other hand, has a pocketful of vitamins that her dr. recommends.

Vitamin and minerals are not a cure-all but they do work pretty good for her. She keeps in contact with her dr. and he knows what it is she is taking. Some of the most common vitamins prescribed to women include:

You will want to discuss with your doctor before taking any vitamins or minerals.

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