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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Older Americans Month

May is the month when the Administration on Aging introduces Older American's month. The theme for 2018 is Engage at Every Age. One should never feel to old or young to take part in activities that can enrich your physical, mental and emotional well being. It is a great time to celebrate and thank the many older adults that make a difference in our communities.

I have had the opportunity since I was a child to spend time with many older adults. From my grand-parents who expected you to act a certain way in return I learned many a great deal about the old days, how I should behave and so much more. I had the opportunity with my dad to work with many older adults as I worked beside my dad as he worked for the seniors in the community. I not only learned how to do things but again learned many stories and I loved to visit and respect others as well. As an adult, for the past 20+ years I have had the opportunity to work with older adults in my job as a care-giver. I have seen many older adults give back as well. From the little old man who helped the school children cross the street volunteering every school day to the little old ladies in the soup kitchens serving up trays for those who needed something to eat.

For senior adults it is important to participate in activities that promote mental and physical wellness. A chance to offer wisdom to others including a younger generation as well as offering mentor-ship of someone that is seeking just that wisdom from someone who had been there. Participating in activities that promote mental and physical wellness, offering your wisdom and experience to the next generation, seeking the mentor-ship of someone with more life experience than you—those are just a few examples of what being engaged can mean. No matter where you are in your life, there is no better time than now to start. We hope you will join in and Engage at Every Age!

Aging and disability services provides a key link between federal and state funding for services for older residents and family caregivers and the community based organizations that deliver the services. The funds will provide adult day services, caregiver support, case management, elder abuse prevention, health maintenance, health promotion, information and assistance, legal support, nutrition, senior center and transportation services.

Since 1963 Older Americans Month has been an annual event. John F. Kennedy designated May as Senior Citizens Month. The name was later changed to Older Americans Month to honor all older Americans and celebrate their contributions to communities and nation.

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