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Monday, July 24, 2017

Moths and and Idea for Night Time Adventure

Butterflies or moths?? Is the question on your mind?? Unless you are well advised you may not know. Both belong to the samee family of insects the Lepidoptera. Butterflies are more likely to appear during the day as that is when they naturally feed, at night they rest. Moths often do the opposite resting in daytime hours and feeding at night as nocturnal creatures

want to observe moths up close and personal?? Make a moth brew that will attract moths to your back yard. To make the broth you will need:

Ripe banana
Brown sugar
Stale beer or active dry yeast and warm water
Other ripe fruit such as pears, peaches, plums, and watermelons (optional)
1-inch paintbrush

let the kids help by squishing the fruit. Mix all into a thin paste and let ferment or sit a few days 
On the day of the exploration paint a broad strip of moth broth on the tree or area you have chosen to watch the moths. Do not spill sauce on ground as it will attract ants. You will be ready for night exploration. Between 10 pm and midnight are the best moth watching hours. Gather the kids, flashlights, and magnifying glass to head out into the moonlit area. 
While you wait quietly in th dark as you await the arival of moths in various shapes, colors and sizes. Their eyes will glow like amber coals. 

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