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Monday, July 24, 2017

Make It a Relaxing Summer

Have you taken some time to enjoy this summer?? Have you been able to sit out in the yard and relax?? Perhaps you may have even taken time to sit or lay in a hammock. I believe that we may be busier in a fast paced world and don't always take the time to relax. Yesterdays world was much slower paced it seemed to be a simpler time. Does every generation think this or has the world just sped up for one reason or another?? 
I can recall a time when we purchased my dad a hammock that he would relax on. Normally on Sunday's after church. I can also recall making home-made ice cream, playing card games with friends and family and the list goes on. While the busy world will continue I have no doubt in that perhaps takinga break is what is needed and best for the heat of the summer. 
Did you know::

A hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope or netting. It is connected and suspenede by two points such as trees or posts.  used for swinging, sleeping or simply resting. The hammock is made up of cloth panels, twine or thin rope. 
Natives of central and south america were the first to use hammocks. Sailors adopted the use due to comfort and space. In the 1920s hammocks were used to care for babies who were learning to crawl. Today, they are popular around the world for relaxation, as a bed and on camping trips. 

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