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Monday, July 24, 2017

Its hot out there

If you feel like the guy in the cartoon above you are not alone. It seems as if the entire country is experiencing some high temps. 

This summer we have made the decision to live without a/c. Our reason is to save a bit of money. Others may have to live without it because of other reasons. The other day, part of our town went without electricity because it was so hot the electricity was overloaded and went out. So what can you do if you find yourself on a hot day and no a/c

Find a cooling center where you can find some relief. Often there are air condioned cooling centers where you can bring a book, magazine or laptop to help pass time. Another great place to visit to let kids play is a mcdonalds or other restraunt with a built in play yard. Often drink refills are free and the kids can have fun as well. Think about the library where you can read and relax. Often you will have access to computers or wifi. 

Head to the mall, even if you are low on money you can do some free window shopping. You will find many cool treats there as well in the food court. You may also find a play place for the children here as well 

One hot weather tip is to freeze your sheets. Lifehacker offers a tip that will help keep you cool by freezing you cotton sheets for a few minutes  Showering will help you cool your body down as well Allow your hair to air dry to help extend the cooling process. 

Grilling, microwaving or other cold fixed meal is a great way to help keep out of the house by not using the oven. Sugary drinks will often dehydrate bodies in the heat so one should fill up on water, tea, lemonade and koolaid drinks to help stay cool and hydrated .

Wear clothing that is loose fitting, lightweight and light colored to help you stay cool. Take off your socks and wear sandals.. Hot feet will make you feel hotter and sandals have a way to cool your feet down.

One of our saving graces is our fans. Fans can cool individuals as well. The thing is that they are not great at cooling an entire room but cooling people is easily done. Ceiling fans running counter clockwise will help send air down to the floor as well. Placing a pan or bowl filled with ice in front of fan will offer a cooler breeze as well.

Keep the sun out by closing windows, drawing curtains, and tilting blinds to help keep out heat. South facing windows properly shaded will allow less direct sunlight in, north facing windsows allow natural light producing glares and no unwanted summer heat. East and west facing windows allow daylight into the house in the morning and evening, it does not cause glare but allows lots of heat into house. 

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