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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Being A Lumberjack Builds Up Appetite

One great contest that has been around for the past 50+ years is the Lumberjack World Championships. The contest recognizes a history of logging industry across the United States. Skills that would be perfected in the nations great forest and later to become a past time event that grew into an exciting and growing sports event. Held in Wisconsin the Lumberjack races has grown in popularity and has many loyal fans. 

Hayward, Wisconsin was blessed with both history and natural beauty. The contest was held this past weekend located where previously a lumber company was. Men and women both compete for prize money. Strength and skill helps determine winners in the various chopping and sawing events. Agility, grace, endurance and exhilaration will determine winners.

Working up an appetite would be easy to do. Perhaps that is why they say you have the appetite of a lumberjack for a lumberjack breakfast

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