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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Too Hot For Roses

My beautiful roses have faded and left but that does not mean that our bush is not healthy. You see it is normal for our roses to shrink and disappear. They have burned up from the sun's heat and have fallen away. There is no worry as I know that this process happens in the warm weather. 

The heat of the summer will also affect the leaves of the rose bush. The leaves can get a sunburn from the heat of the sun. This does not look good but do not cut the damaged leaves away. Pruning you rose bush in the summer heat may result in danger for your roses. Pruning will stimulate the new growth and this new growth will burn as well but potentially worst. The older leaves and branches help shade any new growth of the plant if these are gone there will be no protection for any new growth. Don't worry September will come soon and then you cut away any browning leaves.


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