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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Time for a Break

With the heat in the air there will be a few drinks tonight to cool down. One of my favorite drinks has Gin in it. Gin is a spirit that gets its flavor from juniper berries. It first appeared in the middle ages and evolved over the course and played many roles. From herbal medication to a spirit filled drink Gin gained popularity in Great Britain when William of Orange was leader of the Dutch Republic. and occupied the English, Scottish and Irish thrones with his wife Mary. 

The dutch physician Franciscus Sylvius has been falsely credited with the invention of gin. The soldiers of the Eighty Years War was all ready drinking genever for its calming effects before battle. Gin was sold in pharmacies to treat medical problems like kidney ailments, lumbago, stomach ailments, gallstones, and gout. Gin emerged in England during the 17th century. 

If you have ever had a martini then you have enjoyed Gin in your drink.

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