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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Enjoy Some Corn on Cob

Our family is made up of those who worked the earth. From early to late my grand-fathers, uncles and many others would work the ground. There were times that each member of the family would go out there and pick up hay bales, d=tassel corn and work the ground as well. One of the best deals was when grand-pa would bring a feed sack of sweet corn in to the family. Shucking the skin off the corn shared the beautiful view of a yummy creamy ear of corn that mom would cook up quickly. Summer meals were often sided with corn on cob spread with butter.

Was you aware that June 11th is the day to celebrate National Corn on Cob day?? A summertime treat as I know was one of my favorites. People from all corners of the U.S. look forward to picnic season and corn on cob.

Corn on cob has many different names depending on what region of the U.S. you live in. Names such as pole corn, corn stick, sweet pole, or butter pop Just like there are many names there are also many different ways to cook corn on cob. Boiling, steaming,roasting, grilling and recently I was told about microwaving corn on the cob. Shucking or un shucking is your decision. Many times when grilling or oven roasting the husk will be left on the corn during cooking.

When eating corn the proper thing to do is to hold the cob of corn at the end with your fingers. There are handles available to make this easier as well. So get the butter and salt shaker ready, gather up some friends and start your grill and enjoy corn on the cob.

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