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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Stealing

Meal Skipper Meme
From Tumblr Surveys, Surveys for fun!
we played along at sunday stealing you can as well

1. Do you skip meals sometimes?
yes sad to say I do 

2. Last time you overate?
wow, been a while back doesn't take that much to fill me up so normally do not make it through a meal with out getting full

3. Do you like Mexican food?
have not had chance to try a lot of Mexican food what I have tried I like

4. Do you like Chinese food?
never have had the chance to try, hubby does not care for it

5. Do you like Italian food?
now that is where palate really lays

6. Do you like American food?
yes, for the most part

7. Have you ever been on a diet?
every day of my life I am a diabetic 

8. Do you like vegetables?
most of them I do

9. On a scale from 1 to 5 how much do you eat a day (1= not eating, 5= eating 3 meals)?
I would say a 3 not always 3 meals a day but eat more than not

10. Do you think you eat healthily?
well, I would like to think I do but then who does not cheat

11. Do you think you are ugly?
well, I hope not where would my self esteem be

12. Do you like your hair?
nope tired of it just a bit so getting it cut this week

13. Do you like the way you look?
there are a few things I would like to do but then who would not

14. Would you want to change anything?
see above answer

15. Do you ever wear a lucky color?
well since I love blue I wear it lots

16. Do you care how other people see you?
not really, what does it matter I want them to like me but if they don't then its there loss

17. Do you or have you ever worn braces?
never on my teeth but on my knee, arm, wrist yes

18. Do you wear glasses and/or contacts?
wore glasses since I was 9 so thats more years than I want to let you know

19. Do you want to gain weight, lose weight, or stay about the same?
need to lose some but not something I am stressing over

20. What do you do if you have the flu?
call off work, go to bed, have hubby take care of me and anything I was supposed to do

21. How many tries to get your drivers license?
never have had one not something I really miss

22. Are you saving up for anything in the future?
always saving for one thing or another

23. Do you have a lot of spare time?
with 6 kids, 3 grandbabies, a wedding in a week , blogging daily and working a part time job nope not a lot of time here

24. Do you consider yourself a responsible person?
well I have never wanted to be responsible but I did gain that respect and responsibility in many aspects of my life

25. Do you consider yourself a lazy person?
read many of the above answers you may figure it out that NO I am not lazy


  1. I like blue as well. Pretty color. Wow 6 six kids? I guess you don't get too much spare time. I have a 1 year old who has so much energy and I don't get a lot of spare time either. Loved your answers and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Have a great week. :)

  2. Having grown up in California, with its large Mexican and Chinese population, I can't imagine never eating either of those foods! I even took a course in Chinese cooking and, for a time, was pretty good at it.

  3. Hope the wedding is wonderful!


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