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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Superman Celebration

Anyone who is a superman fan will love today. It is a day dedicated to Superman. Each year for the past 39 years Metropolis Illinois host a day of celebration for Superman. People of all ages are comic book lovers and this is definetly an event you will not want to leave. Individuals will come from all over the world to this small southern Illinois town. Metropolis is the official home of superman. With a population of 6,500 residents this small town will welcome around 30,000 visitors over the 4 day celebration.

This weekend of fun is one that you will never forget. There is an artist's alley, Man of steel exhibitions and contests, amusement park, live music and a $1000 superhero costume contest.  A family fun oriented environment is very much present in this festival.

The Super Museum preserves and showcases an array of Superman collectibles and information for the education and enjoyment of visitors and fans of the Man of steel. 

Jim Hambrick the manager of the Superman Museum on the town square in Metropolis Ill. is a longtime enthusiast and collector. Said to have one of the greatest Superman collections in the world. In the collection every superman toy , props from Christopher Reeve movies, and the only George Reeves Superman costumes in existence. 

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