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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Stop Wasting Food

One would be surprised by the amount of food we waste each year. Not only is it a waste of money but we could be doing so much more to keep from throwing so much away. Eating healthy and not wasting food can go hand in hand.

The first and one of the most important steps is to plan. This is great for not wasting and also to eating a healthy balanced diet Serving up portion sizes that are too large lead to food waste at home. The waste left on a plate is tossed directly in the bin. To avoid this problem prepare smaller portion sizes. Serve up a meal family style so that everyone can place on their plate what they want. The food left in the serving bowls can be covered and stored in fridge for a latter meal

 Food that is thrown away because it has either gone off or passed the use by date amounts to lots of waste as well Overbuying is one of the problems. Again planning before shopping will help with this problem. Make list of what you have at home and what you need. The most important part is sticking to it. Once you have your groceries purchased be sure to rotate food in the fridge so items that are older will be used first

Best buy dates are there to help you. Food that has passed its best before date can be safely consumed. It is still safe to eat but may not be the freshest. Use by dates are placed on foods such as meat, fish, ready meals and prepared salads. The date on these foods are very important using after the date could give you food poisoning. Freezing items that are nearing use by date on package can extend its shelf life.

Fresh meat can be frozen or cooked into an easy stew that can be stored for a few days in the fridge. Cooked meat such as chicken can be frozen then used in pies or omelettes.   

Fruit can be chopped and frozen. Portian size bags make smoothies easy.
Wedges of lemon, lime or orange can be frozen and used in drinks
Bananas can be peeled and frozen to use in cakes and banana bread

Vegetables like peppers and onions can be roasted in olive oil and kept for 3-4 days. Use in salads, pizza toppings or pasta sauce.
Veggies can be used to make up Minestrone Soup, trim and freeze veggies to make soup another day
Lettuce, spring onions, radishes, tomatoes and cucumbers can be used in soups or frozen to make soup later.

Milk and yogurt are frozen easily. Be aware they may seperate so best to use in cooking if frozen. Fruit yogurt makes great frozen lollipops.
Freeze hard cheese without losing much flavor Grate and pop in freezer bags, label and store
soft cheese become watery and grainy and don't freeze well

Eggs can be used after their date but should be cooked with a solid white and yolk
freeze eggs by cracking into a plastic container label and use within 28 days

Lasagna and cannelloni can be frozen
Leftover pasta can also be used in stir fries and season with chinese five spice. 

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