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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Beautiful In Your Skin

When I was a kid my grand-mother always had a knack of saying just the right thing. When I was feeling down she would have me go wash my face and tell me how beautiful I looked and my skin was so soft. Through my job I have had many opportunities to check out skin of different individuals. Whether it was rough or smooth normally depended on how well they took care of it. June is beautiful in your skin month and because I want to have that beautiful skin my grandma loved and I thought you all might as well here are some great tips to keep aware of:

Beautiful skin also helps to boost self confidence. Skin is the largest organ in your body. It has many functions such as protection and a waterproof barrier to other organs.  Most of us may not always stay aware of how important our skin is but the goal should be to take care of our skin as it protects us. 

As the summer season begins most of us will be on the go outside in the sun more. It is very important to use sunscreen when ever we head outside. The sun can damage our skin by drying it out making wrinkles as well as a potential to get skin cancer. Another important thing to remember is that our children need to wear sunscreen as well. 

Cleaning our skin can also be an abrasive act. A body wash that helps to clean and moisturize our skin is important. 

The food we eat also makes a difference in our skin. Eating healthy without caffeine, excessive sugar and fat is important. Drinking lots of water will help our skin stay healthy as well. 

Smoking or drug use will have an effect on our skin as well. 

Treat your skin right and keep that beautiful skin

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