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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Daniel Boone Day

June 7th was the day that Daniel Boone explored the forests and valleys of what is now Kentucky. For over a hundred years the Kentucky Historical Society has celebrated June 7th as Boone Day. Today we at Annies Home celebrate the day as well.

Daniel Boone was born in the winter of 1734 in Berks County Pennsylvania. He spent his youth hunting and trapping By the time he was in his mid 20s Boone had added exploration to the list as he went further into the Cumberland Gap region. The region was little known to white men and the settlement of the Kentucky territory was highly discouraged. Battles between the native Americans and whites had lead to a prohibition of the westward migration. 

Daniel Boone worked with a Transylvania company that built trails through the cumberland gap. Working along side 30 other men he would construct the Wilderness Road, which would become the primary route to the west. Boones wife and daughter would be the first white women to settle in Kentucky.

Boone Day is celebrated every June 7th. While Daniel Boone is considered a Real American Hero in Kentucky for building the road to the state of Kentucky

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