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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hello June Bug

As a kid I used to love watching the June bugs swarm around the street lights. While my mom may not have like the june bugs that would swarm the porch light I must say I fascinated in watching the bugs as they would attach to the screen porch door. Yes June bugs to me have always been a interest of mine

Since the name of the month is June I must say that I believe that June bugs fit right in. I am sure since June bugs live all over North America that many of you have seen them. Like I say they swarm in great number in early summer and at dark are attracted to lights June bugs lay their eggs and larva grow underground and eat the roots of grasses and other plants. As adults they dine at night on leaves from trees and bushes.

The June Bug is also known as the June Beetle. The scientific name of this bug or beetle is Phyllophaga. In greek its name means leaf eating. Some June bugs have been known to strip plants clean. Other species of of Phyllophaga include the Southern Masked Chafer, the Green June Beetle, the Japanese Beetle and the Figeater Beetle.

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