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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Remember Our Pets

I was lucky enough to say that I have had pets that have touched my life. Dogs, cats, fish, hamsters and birds all have found their way into my life. Some of them were named Lasie, petey, birdy, trixie and tiger. They are never to be forgotten as they are in my heart forever. The second Tuesday in June is a time where we can all remember and celebrate all the great pets and companions that we had and have since went to a part in Heaven where animals live. 
World Pet Memorial Day this is year is celebrated today June 7th. Most of us have memories like those that I have. It seems that pets come into our lives and live for quite some time and before we know it they are gone. The pain of losing them remains in our heart and the memories of these special friends will never leave. 

I have had pets that I could tell anything to and did. The great thing was they were always glad to see me and listened and never told a soul. From blue tick dog that I had named blue to a calico cat we named bandit because of the mask he seemed to wear. While these pets have been gone for some time and I vowed never to get another pet that would be as close the truth is that these special pets draw me to them. I currently have a chihuahua named tizy and a jack Russel named sassy. I love these dogs family members very much they can easily put a smile on my face.
Perhaps you could volunteer to help other animals at shelters or plant a tree to as a memorial for your pets or better yet tell your current pets or share stories on facebook about the pets you loved and crossed over the rainbow bridge.

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