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Monday, May 23, 2016

Plans To Eat Monday May 23 ----- Sunday May 29


Tonight was a ball game for both of my little sluggers so we enjoyed a meal that included a summer casserole with onions, sausages and peppers. 


will be a busy day for the entire family. With the grade school kids going to the cupcake bakery, me and hubby having business uptown and several working the day will be quite busy. We will meet up at the end of the day at Sonic's drive in. I love to take advantage of deals and tommorow they have a great deal on their awesome corndogs .50 for each. So we will enjoy them and head hone for

a spring time fruit salad that I will have chilling waiting for us all.


We will fix one of my Princess's favorite recipes. She has many now as her taste buds are advancing but will always enjoy chicken nuggets. 


Another night where I am hoping that the day will go good so the night will as well. We will find our selves in the court room with yet another full day. That night we will enjoy watching princess play ball and at the end of the night we will all gather around fire pit for hotdogs and banana boats 


Head back to work, yet I think it will be good and I have to make money as it helps all go round. But the evening will be one to enjoy friends and family as we barbq. Is the spring and summer months not wonderful. Being able to enjoy our dinner outside is awesome. Tonight we will try one of our favorites we found last year. Bacon Wrapped Chicken legs served with slaw, baked potatoes and fried corn.

Saturday: we will enjoy a night out after shopping for items needed for the upcoming wedding. Yep, thats right another child getting married May 11th. So some of the last minute items will be purchased today

We will enjoy a roast cooked in crackpot and crack potatoes 

What are you having this week?? check out more here


  1. Your potato casserole looks yummy. We usually do potatoes and onions, but not peppers. The peppers look really good.

  2. That sausage and pepper casserole looks outstanding!

    Plan to Happy

  3. THAT casserole looks bomb! RIGHT up my alley!!!!! :D


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