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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Garden Time

With all the rain, many of us may not have all the plants where we want them to be. For the most part that means in the ground. Many of us may know what we want to plant just have not had the time. Others, may not know what they want to plant at all. This post is for all of us that plan on planting a garden.

The gardener should keep in mind that the garden is theirs. It is their place to do what they want to do. There are no rules and no one has to dictate what needs to be done. They can plant what they want to, where they want to and simply do what they want to do. Ensuring that the plants are put in the ground correctly.

What are the vegetables that you and your family will enjoy the most?? Are there veggies that will be enjoyed more than other?? How about trying a new plant or two. Now, with your plan in mind can you grow the plants where you want to. Do a bit of research and find out if the plants you want to grow will grow in your garden. They may fit into the garden in the spring and others like to grow in fall months better.

What will you plant first?? What needs to be planted later?? How much room will each plant take?? All great questions that any good gardener needs to know.

Now, if you have not all ready is the time to purchase your plants and seeds.
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  1. I love gardening! I am in an apartment right now, so I can only grow small potted plants and herbs, but I keep at it! For the kitchen, I grow thyme, parsley, habenero peppers, and mint.

  2. Gardening is my favorite! I love growing tomatoes to freeze and use all year round!

  3. Gardening looks so fun, it is one of my unfulfilled dreams. I wish I could do some gardening even if I'm living in an apartment. My grandma told me a lot of inspiring stories of gardening.

  4. What I love about having a garden is the freedom to grow the veggies and herbs that I often use for cooking. I already have the usual herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary. As for the veggies, the easiest to grow are tomatoes and bell pepper!

  5. I love gardening. I'm not that good at it. I think I plant at the wrong time. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  6. We have garden too! We have veggies and flowers on our garden. we have eggplants, rose, tomatoes, lettuce and many more! :)


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