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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Get Ready To Barbq

I realize that May so far has had it's share of rain. In between those rain drops barbecues have started to bloom. The longer days allow the month of May to greet those that grill with National Barbecue month. There has always been that debate of whether charcoal or gas should be used and that debate may never go away. Should the ribs be parboiled or cooked directly on the grill?? That choice is up to your taste buds and cooking style. Those minor decisions are what we all may face but we all should feel honored to welcome in the month to barbecue. 

A great majority of Americans would rather cook outside than inside. Many feel that it is easier as well. Cooking outside is also a great time for friends and family that love great tasting food to get together. It is an affordable past time that all should be able to enjoy. Cooking outside also leads to a healthier lifestyle

Every cook has their go to gadgets and cooking on the grill is no different. Some of the must haves are

spatula or brush  
rubs and marinades   

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