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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Family Month

Our family is large in number. I am the second to the oldest in a family of 5 children. My husband is the second to the oldest in a family of 4 children. Our family is large as well as I am the mom of six children. But whether your family is large like ours or small it makes no difference we all have a reason to celebrate. National Family Month is celebrated from the second sunday in May through the third Sunday in June. 

That's right National family week starts on Mothers Day and runs through Fathers day. After all somewhere or another the family started with a mother and a father. Another great reason to celebrate during this time is because school is letting out and families have more time to spend together. 

KidsPeace started National Family Month to draw awareness to every member of the family. KidsPeace is a private not for profit organization that works to help children attain confidence and develop the courage to conquer crises that they may find. During this time period spend more time as family. Whether it be a vacation a stay-cation or simply working together to clean the house. Whatever it may be spend some time with the family you love.

 As the school year draws to a close we start to think about what we will do with the time we have together. A bucket list of sorts of fun we want to have during summer vacation. Some things we include are easy things and others are more complicated that will take more time and ability. The ability to check things off of our list is fun as well. 
What is on your bucket list?? 
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