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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Upcoming Wedding

June 11, 2016 will see my youngest son wed his beautiful bride. This is a very special day and one that is coming quickly but we are so ready for it. The girl my son will wed is one of his high school friends. They have known each other for some time. My son is now 24 and has been out of school for 6 years. After graduating my son took a job and stayed very busy. The young girl that will be his bride took a ride on a road of life that was not always easy.

She married right after getting out of school. She believed that she was in love and that together they would take on the world. It was not too long after that she found herself expecting a baby. The young man ended up deserting her and the baby and she returned home to her mother. She was broken, her heart was not the only thing damaged but her self esteem was as well. That was then and the story has changed.

Some how my son and the girl who will soon be his wife had their paths cross. My son had always been brought up to do the right thing. Taking part in the silver ring thing and staying true to himself. Not only did his reputation he have to uphold but also that of how he was raised. As he began to talk to this young lady that he had not seen for some time he found out more of what she had been going through in life. Having dated her in highschool but not for long he still had a place in her heart for her. He did not hold it against her for what had happened as he understands we all make mistakes. They began to spend more time together in the past two years building a relationship. My son accepts her son which never sees his real dad as I told you he walked out on them.

My son has had long talks with me and desires to have a Godly based marriage. As he has seen in our marriage that there are struggles but prayer helps through those issues. May he keep God first in his relationship and never forget the lessons he has learned as he watched not only his parents and grandparents but also those who demonstrated marriages in his life. May he one day have the opportunity to have his own marriage be immitated by those who desire to have a love as great as he does with his beautiful wife.

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  1. It's so wonderful how they ended up reconnecting! I wish the both of them a long and happy marriage!

  2. This is truly a touching story. I am so excited for your son and this girl! Some roads are tough but everything happens for a reason at just the right time.

  3. That is such a sweet story! I love to hear things like this. I know they will be so happy.

  4. I love how your son wants to have a God bless marriage, you surely does a very good thing that he adore your marriage. Hope the both of them work together as couples!


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