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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hamburger Day how do you like yours

This year National Hamburger Day is part of Memorial Day weekend. That is because today, May 28th is national hamburger day. As we celebrate the unofficial start of summer we can also celebrate grilling and best of all the hamburger. It seems that big juicy hamburgers and cheeseburgers find their ways to many outdoor barbq's. Not only delicious but also part of the American life the hamburger is a natural part of life. 

The hamburger originates from Hamburger Germany where it was first created. The bun started in America in Seymour Wisconsin. Each year to celebrate the burger the good people of Seymour Wisconsin celebrate the burger in a burger fest. In 2001 the festival created the largest hamburger weighing in at 8,266. 

How do you like your hamburger?? We love our burger served with one or more of these:

Another great choice for hamburger day is to try a new recipe like this one "

Mexican Hamburgers

ground beef1 pound
ground pork1/4 pound
chopped fresh cilantro1/4 cup
garlic , minced: 2 cloves
salt1/2 teaspoon
pepper1/2 teaspoon
oregano1/4 teaspoon
grated cheddar cheese1/4 cup
canned diced green chilies, drained: 3 tablespoons
cornmeal1/4 cup
salsa1/2 cup

Mix all together in bowl, do not over handle. Shape into patties and grill or pan fry to your liking

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