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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zubits review

Finally, an answer to a problem that has haunted me most of my life. The problem is my shoe strings come untied and then you start hear the nagging of "your shoes are untied, you need to tie them" First of all most of the time I simply don't have the time to stop and tie my shoes and secondly I simply hate the fact that they come untied so easily. Zubits however has helped solve the problem for me. Zubits magnetic shoe closure has helped contain my shoe strings.

Zubits closures cover three rows of shoelaces that help disappear. This allows a huge opening to quickly and easily slide your feet into shoes. With my big feet this is needed. I have used other closures that make the opening of the shoe small in size. Zubits allows you to slip your foot in easily no more squeezing needed. 
The magnetic closure seem to magically attach theirselves. There is no tying, double knotting, or unknotting. Yeah!!! I think this is awesome not only for my shoes but also for my child's shoes. So many times they come home in knots and I have to spend precious time getting those knots out.
Zubits allow you to slip your feet out of your shoes quick and easy like. Lifting your foot up triggers the magnetic split to open and laves your shoes wide open to slip your foot out
.My favorite part is that there are no more loose laces. So no fear of tripping over the shoestrings. Which also means no way to get them caught in or under anything either. One problem with shoe laces is that if you do not know they are untied others can step on them making you fall. Zubits puts a stop to that.
Zubits offers a neat appearance. Upon glance of your shoes there are no shoe strings dragging behind. Elastic shoe strings do not look the best either because they may appear sticking out of shoes which does not always look the best.
Zubits will out last your shoes. you simply take the zubits off and place onto the new pair of shoes.
One neat aspect of the Zubits is that you have many new places to keep your shoes. The magnetic strip of the zubits offers you the chance to now hang your shoes up on any metal surface.
Zubits turns your tennis shoes into slip ons. Oh yes love it the comfort of slippers with the versatility of running shoes. 

Zubits was so easy to install and use.

The beautiful thing was that they are easy to get on and off. It is done quicker than before and guess what no lose strings. YEAH!!! The tightness of the shoe can be adjusted to wearers preference.

I love them in my work shoes allows me to quickly put on shoes early in morning, not have to worry about getting shoes tied properly or worry about them coming untied. I simply love zubits and how they have simplified my life.

Zubits is available for children shoes as well. That to me makes them a perfect tool to head back to school with. Whether it be in every day shoes or gym shoes which would make their day easier without having to worry about shoe strings. Either way I do believe that they are just what any child needs.

Want to get Zubits for you and / or your child you can find them on their website at

you can also find zubit on social network

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  1. Now this is something my daughters need. I'm contently telling them that their shoes are untied and it's always slowing us down. Great review! #ProductReviewParty


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