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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kindergarten Readiness: Attention skills

Does you child have an attention span to stay with one activity? Are they persistent as what they are doing? Do they have concentration skills? All of these things are what kindergarten level children have and will build upon. To help your child build these skills have them share story time and show and tell with you. Allow them to share your day, show you their pages that they did at school. Both of these ideas will help build upon the skills

getting along with others is another stage of maturity. The ability to share with others and complete assignments together are also steps to growing and maturing. You can help direct your child's attention using simple terms such as "Look at this" or "Please pay attention to..." It is also great at this level to give them small responsibilities. Our grand-children have their own chore charts as well as daily living skill charts.

 When ensuring that your child is up to the standards that he should be consider

When listening does your child look at the person talking to them, are they listening with both ears and no talking or making sounds. Can they stand still keeping their hands and feet still. Have them face who is talking to them. I often have them repeat what I just said to them to ensure they were listening and retaining what I just said. If they follow through with whatever it was then I know that they paid attention.
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  1. I think attention is the foundation of all learning! I love your chart. Sometimes it's hard even for me to think about what's said instead of silently constructing my reply.

  2. And thank you so much for the link back! It's really nice of you!


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