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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August is National Peach Month

Were you aware that August is national peach month? President Ronald Reagan sent a request to congress to make a national holiday to celebrate the peach. In 1982 it was approved by congress. It was brought to life to help honor the enjoyment of great flavor of juicy peaches. Here in southern Illinois (yes, where I live) you will find several different places to purchase great tasting peaches. You can pick your own, or purchase them freshly picked. They are delicious to eat in the raw, sliced in cream, in desserts, in ice cream or even a cold slushie. To join in the celebration simply eat and enjoy a peach however you may like them.

Peaches come in a several different varieties. One of the biggest differences is between freestone and clingstone. The freestone peach do not cling to the pit and are commonly sold at grocery stores. Clingstone peaches cling to their pits are most commonly used for canning or preserving often sold at farmer markets. How do you know which peach to buy? It is best to buy peaches fresh during the months of June, July and August. Many believe that the red color in peaches indicates ripeness, however this is not always true. When you are selecting which peaches to buy you should make sure there is a defined crease, a slight give but not one that is mushy, the color of the peach steam should not be green, and the skin of the peach should not have wrinkles. The biggest way to tell which peach to select is with your nose if the peach smells delicious and like one you would want to eat then it is the peach for you.

Peaches should be stored at room temp or in the crisping drawer in fridge. Peaches are good for about 5 days while I have seen them last longer. You can peel and freeze peaches as well this way they will keep for a few months.

Through out the month of August Annies Home will be featuring more post about peaches to help celebrate national peach month. Do you enjoy a good peach?? What is your favorite way to eat them?


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