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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are you Ready To Go Back To School

Getting ready to go back to school can be exciting and a bit scary as well. While parents may be looking forward to the day as the summer has been long and they are ready to send their children back at the same time its a bit sad as many know the time they will have to be together will slim. Likewise, the child returning back to school may be tired of being bored at home but eagerly waiting to go back to school to be with their friends they may also be a bit scared of what will happen next. There are a few things that you can do to get them ready to go. With our grand-children being young its a great way to form back to school traditions.

One thing that we like to do the night before the first day of school is to have a special meal or cookout. Its the last one before school starts and so we make it a party with friends and family. I will once again be hosting a giveaway for all the little ones, their parents and the rest of the friends and family. That night at home get all ready to go back to school and have a good talk about heading back to school.

Special first day of school breakfast will be hosted by none other than me again this year. However, this year I believe I will take them to breakfast rather than cooking. Saves time, less stress and so much easier as well. What will you be having for the first day of school breakfast?

First day of school pictures. Why of course always and forever pictures of first day of school with their backpacks in tack to be added and kept in the collection to help us remember when they were little. Do you take first day of school pictures

Don't even forget that there will be lots that they will have to tell you after their first day of school. After all meeting their teacher, seeing their friends again after the long summer and the new classroom or school will bring them home with lots of chatter. Make sure that you have a snack to enjoy with them as they share with you their first day. Many memories will be made right at this moment alone

I hope that your first day of school will be as exciting and make many memories as those when my own children were growing up. Now I look forward to the time that we will have with our nephews, nieces and grand-children.

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