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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Smile Week

Turn that frown upside down. Easier said than done is what I have heard before but here are some good ideas to help you enjoy smile week

Choose not to remember the pain of the past, the tears of yester year and simply decide that today will be a good day.

stop buying things that make you happy rather consider creating memories that will last forever and possibly cost lots less than the items you have been purchasing

say kind things to yourself as well as all those you see. A positive attitude is contagious and you may catch onto it easily

choose to forgive, let go and forgive, I always add never forget but let go of it and the baggage it carries

take some time for yourself. We love to go outside and enjoy nature. Here in beautiful southern Illinois it is not hard to do

Simplify your life, allow your self to do what you want to do today. While it may not be something you can do every day or at all. Enjoy yourself for just a little bit

Smile, put a smile on your face. This may be easier than you think. Its a few muscles that allows your facial expression to turn your frown upside down.

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