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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Time a Time for Romance

Summer romance can swirl around the flame of a bonfire. Simply huddling next to the one you love or perhaps getting to know someone better. The thing to do is plan ahead and bring a few things along with you to make the night even better

Having a beach towel or blanket that you can spread out on the ground. This will allow you a chance to star gaze and warm up in the fire as well.

A drink of your choice would be nice to have. Whether it be a glass a wine or other alcohol beverage of your choice or a thermos of cocoa or coffee the choice is yours. 
Bring together a snack that you can make together like s'mores or something more romantic like some strawberries and cream. 
It seems that every great date I had there was music involved. Music helps set the mood for a romantic evening Take along that portable CD player with your favorite CD full of romantic music.
I have many memories of bonfires and not all of them were with my lover but several were .Bonfires fill me with warm memories from family bonfires to those at camps and others where me and my husband spent time together Do you have any memories of bonfires


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