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Friday, August 14, 2015

Football Craft : Great Time To Practice Tying

2 paper plates
brown paint
hole punch
ribbon, yarn or string (I used brown, but white would work too)
Old newspaper

This is a fun craft just in time for football season. The exhibition game at the local high school will be a week from tonight. I know those boys have been working hard and we should start working hard to prepare to cheer them on. This craft will also make good tying practice for your child. Tying their shoes is a kindergarten readiness step in our schools.

To start you will need 2 paper plates
your child can paint, color or use marker to color the backs of the 2 plates. When these are put together it will look like a 3D football. Let the plates dry. Cut plates in 1/2 and cut a 1.5 inch from one half from 2 of your pieces) This allows the plate a more oval shape. Next use tape to tape one half and your 1.5 inch shorter half together. Set aside.

On the 2 remaining halves put halves together match up holes Staple the halves to the whole plate that you taped together. The goal is to create a bowl shape in the middle and fill it in. Stuff strips of newspaper into the plates to make a puffed out football shape. Use ribbon, yarn or string to lace up the football. Creating as I said a great time to practice tying.

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