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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Invention of The Clarinet

The creator of the clarinet was born in the month of August. The clarinet if you are not aware is a woodwind instrument. Johann Christopher Denner has been credited with the creation of the clarinet. Denner was born in to a family of horn tuners. His father made games, whistles, hunting horns to name just a few. Two of Denners brothers are also instrument builders. The clarinet was first described as a new instrument created like that of pipe work. There is controversy over whether he was the inventor of the clarinet or not and in which year it was invented. One instrument belonging to Denner is owned by the University of California, Berkley another was possibly destroyed in WW2.

In gradeschool, jr. high, and high school I played the clarinet. I spent many years learning how to play my best, the notes, the keys, the mouth piece was all part of my development to learn how to play the clarinet. I simply love the sound of the clarinet and thought you might enjoy some as well.

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