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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Scrabble Week

I can not tell you how many times I have struggled to find the right word that I wanted to use on this blog. I am sure that those that play scrabble struggle to find the word they want using just the letters that they hold. The second week in August is celebrated as national scrabble week with the scrabble tournament being played during this week. Its a great time to play a game of scrabble with a few friends of yours.

Scrabble brand crossword game was invented by New York architect Alfred Mosher Butts. At the time he was unemployed and had time on his hands so he studied board games, dice, card and letter games. In the end he would combine all three types to create the game of Scrabble. At first the game did not catch on easily. For over 10 years Butts could not even get as much as a patent for the game or decide on a proper name for the game. Can you imagine if the game of scrabble had been called Lexico or criss cross words? Butts would get some help from Brunot who would add a color scheme to the game, devise the 50 point bonus and name the game scrabble. In the 1950's Macy would discover the game while on vacation and stock it on his shelves. By the mid 1950s 2000 game sets a week were being made and sales rose to nearly 4 million sets a year.

Have you played Scrabble?? Are you any good at it?? What is the biggest word that you have spelle? Ever got the bonus for using all your tiles??

Enjoy Scrabble week



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