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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Al Dente Pasta review

When I was a kid I loved sports and as a matter of fact still do. I loved to play softball and in fact was on a great team. The team was sponsored by cox's hardware store (no longer even in existence) and we were great as I remember even getting first place trophy that summer. Our coach believed that our secret was the meal that we would eat right before the game. She ordered (LOL) us to eat pasta as the meal right before the game. This only helped to further my great love of pasta.
Recently, I was able to try the Al Dente brand pasta and let me tell you definitely worth a second try. This was great tasting and good for us. Even the kids who are often picky loved it. Al Dente Pasta company was created in 1981 by Monique Deschaine. Monique was determined to create the "perfect" pasta. Through this determination Monique would spend many hours in the kitchen of a friends restaurant testing and retesting pasta recipes in the search for the perfect pasta that she was after. This work payed off as she found the perfect recipe for the perfect pasta that she now sells at the AL Dente pasta company. The reason she feels it is the best is because the pasta contains the best ingredients she could find. Each bag possess 100% durum semolina flour and only 3/4 of an egg. Then the dough is hand feed through pasta roller followed by a slow drying process so that all the pasta dries evenly allowing each piece to be tender but firm that cooks in only 3 minutes.
As I read the bag of Al Dente pasta and saw that it said cooks in only 3 minutes I decided to put it to the test. What would the pasta be like cooking in only 3 minutes? My thoughts were not cooked. So as I dropped the pasta in the pan of boiling water I set the timer. Three minutes later I checked the pasta and guess what it was done. This is cool to a mom of six (6) children who has little time to cook meals. This was great and could be added to the quick meal list.

We received 3 bags of the great Al Dente Pasta and a jar of wonderful marinara sauce. I decided that night that I would fix a favorite recipe using the Al Dente ingredients. It is a simple recipe as even that night our family had several features on the table. To make this I would simply brown a lb of hamburger meat and mix it in with the noodles and sauce. Let me tell you because the pasta only took 3 minutes to cook this recipe did not take as much time and the great ingredients even boosted the taste of even this simple recipe. Can you imagine what it would do to your great recipes?

Would you love to try this great pasta but been told to stay away from carbs or on a low carb diet? Al Dente Pasta accepted the challenge to find a great reduced carb pasta and succeeded. The wonderful taste and texture is still possessed by the Al Dente Pasta and the length of cooking time also remains at 3 minutes. The only thing the low carb pasta gives up is carbs in fact the carba nada pasta has a remarkably low glycemic index which slows the rate at which it is digested. Healthy and all-natural, now you can have your pasta and eat it too!
Al Dente Pasta also has great products so what more could you ask for? Al Dente Pasta is a dream come true in many aspects of the arena on food. So the next time you are looking to fix that perfect pasta check out al dente pasta and remember the diligence helped make it great.

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  1. So glad you liked the pasta and sauce. Kids are always among our biggest fans. Moms love the 3 minute cooking time, kids love the texture. With Monique's Marvelous Marinara, Moms love the fact that it is sweetened with fresh, grated carrot instead of sugar or corn syrup, kids love the taste. (my own kids helped me develop he recipe)


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