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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tucker Blair review

I was recently lucky enough to win this great headband from the blog life in a house of blue. I love it and could not believe how well it was made. The construction of this headband is terrific. No strings that are loose or look as if there was a possibility could ever come loose. The headband itself is not too firm, but not loose either. It bends when needed but keeps its structure on its subject. I have never seen such a great headband. Tucker Blair creates the products with 100% wool yarn, tight petit point stitching. Only the best in a relaxed atmosphere for tucker Blair.

If you are not aware of Tucker Blair then you should open your horizons. Tucker Blair is a company that was created when the stiffness of the office grew tired yet a great look was still needed. Tucker Blairs belts and headbands are less expensive than the great look alike products in the malls or shopping centers. The reason for this is because Tucker Blair eliminates the middle man. Tucker Blair products are delivered straight to the customer and sold only through tucker The same great product that you would find anywhere at a better price is exactly what may be needed with the economy as it is.

If looking for that perfect belt, head band or flip flops at a great price visit tucker Blair.

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