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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tucker Bag Review

Every where you go you hear tips on being green. One of my favorite ways is to carry my own bag to the grocery store. If you have a great looking bag like Tucker Bag what else could you ask for? You are looking trendy while carrying a great bag that is good for the earth.

Tucker Bags come in over 24 different pattern and color styles one I am sure would match your personality as well. Each Tucker Bag although tremendously light is the equivalent in size to two plastic grocery bags and will hold in excess of 35 lbs. Tucker Bag will do all this and when you are done with it tightly fold away in a 4 inch pouch.

You can advertise your cause or school on a great tucker bag. Tucker bags were designed for those who are wanting to stay green, have fun and look trendy. There is a tucker bag that will fit your lifestyle and shopping experience. The great extra pockets, wider handles, shoulder comfort are part of every Tucker bag. The great wider handle allows the weight to be alloted so that the weight is not placed in one small area.

Tucker Bags are so versatile and fun that they can be used for nearly aspect of life. School, trips, beach, swimming, or anywhere a bag is needed there is a tucker bag that would be perfect. Since Tucker Bags hold 35lbs they are strong enough to carry most things your busy life demands. So if you are looking for a great bag then check out Tucker Bags.

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