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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Teaching Our Children Good Matters At the Table

One thing that I strive to teach my children is to have good table manners. It does not matter to me whether we ar dining at home, out at an eating place or at a friend or relative place. It seems that kids are always the center of attention. When they learn good manners it matters not where we dine as I need not worry about their manners. It also offers them a hand up in dealing with society.

Start them out young by having them to remember their hands and faces need clean before going to table to eat. In the beginning you will have to most likely do this for them during early years their job is to simply remember the task needs done. As they get older they will learn to recall and complete the task they their selves.Washing their hands is a simple way to show respect for those they are dining with as well as an important hygiene habit.

Another thing to do start when they are young is to come to the table and inquire if there is task that they can complete. Again offering to help shows respect and offers them something to build on and impress others.

A quick trick to teaching children to set table is through a quick menomic tool of left and right. The word fork and left both have 4 letters while the word right and knife have 5. So the fork goes on left and knife goes on right. The spoon goes between the knife and plate because the knife helps protect the spoon.

Another manner that will be used in time but great to teach them young is the napkin rule. As the host unfolds her napkin and puts it on their lap then it is time for you to do so as well. Likewise, they should learn that no one eats until everyone is served and if they must be excused from the table for the bathrooom then their napkin goes on chair not the table or plate.

Two of the biggest rules and shows respect again for those you are dining with are to never eat with your mouth open and chew with your mouth closed. If you are in conversation ensure your mouth is empty before a word is spoke  In addition teach them they should not over stuff their mouth and to take small bites.

Conversation is a big part of having a meal with someone. But one rule that should be taught early is that when someone is talking not to interrupt. This rule is not only for when dining but should be respectfully carried out through life. Help your child to learn to start, carry on and share a conversation with others. The conversation can be about what is happening in their world or in the real world, with their friends, school, or any other interesting subject.

Passing is the name of the game and should be taught early on to our children. Rather than reaching across the table for what they may need teach them the game of passing. Start with "Please pass the ====== "

At the end of the meal as they rise from the table they back away and push their chair up to the table
As they leave they should ask to "please be excused" pick up their trash and tell the host thank you. If this is started at home it is more apt to happen when out. Yet, another great idea is to have the children to order for their selves when eating out. This will help them learn to do so.

By showing respect through using good table manners they will receive respect.

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