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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Classical Music Relevant or Not

Look around the world today and you will find many modes of technology, dance crazes and social media sites. So why in the world would classical music written hundred of years ago even matter. The truth is that many music artist still draw inspiration from classical pieces of music. Time may have changed but classical music is still an important building block in the world of music. From the very early time that a musician begins to study music the classics are ever present.

The musical world is influenced by classical composers and is apparent in musical forms of rock, pop and even rap. When one studies the history of music they will find foot notes in the modern music. Early composers of music such as Bach, Schubert and Mozart have had their musical components developed thru time and shared in the new genres in a variety of ways. The early composers their selves were on the edge of music history when they shared their great compositions.

Composers such as Schubert who created the three minute, verse chorus based song. He was classical composer but wanted much more. He wanted to create music that everyone would love. Mozart created his own structure of music as well creating easier to play pieces when compared to earlier pieces composed by Bach. Developing a four chord melody that is very closely related to the modern pop and rock.

Classical music reaches past a simple step in the past. It has evolutioned to become vested in the music of today. Many music stars of today closely relate to the classical music style. They may have started out playing classical music instrument such as the piano or violin. Modern stars such as Adelie, Justin Bieber, Coldplay and the list goes on all have used classical music notions in their music.

Classical music has proved to be very beneficial to life as well. 
  • stress reliever
  • increase intelligence as it relates to academics
  • classical music is wrote to include notes of different fractions this leads to help with math skills
  • learning to play and / or recognize classical music leads to sense of accomplishment
  • classical music stimulates the emotions and cognitive abilities leading to being more creative
Hopefully after you have read this post you see how Classical music remains relevant in today's world. To me , classical music will remain relevant for time to come. IF you have played classical instruments or simply listen to music you will agree. 

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