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Monday, September 3, 2018

backpack tips

Are you aware that overloaded backpacks can cause muscle and joint pain?? Both children and teens complain of back and shoulder pain often related to backpack use. The pain may be so bad that they miss school and sports activities. 

When choosing a backpack try to look for one that is lightweight and the correct size for the individual that will be using it.  Backpacks should weigh only about 10% of the child's weight. Padding on the straps as well as back will help make wearing the backpack more comfortable. One good alternative to normal backpacks are backpacks on wheels. 

Backpack Tips:
  • carry in your backpack only what you need. Overpacking is not good
  • Position the weight so that it is evenly distributed. Heavy objects should be placed in the bottom of the pack.
  • Straps should not be loose, waist strips should be used 

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  1. Such a good reminder! I see so many kiddos overloaded!

  2. Good tips to remember while purchasing backpacks.

  3. These are smart tips for sure. Keeping kids safe when carrying backpacks is essential. I will definitely check the weight on my kid's backpacks tomorrow.

  4. Thanks for these great tips! Our kids have enough things to deal with - I’d hate for them to be in pain because of their backpacks.

  5. I love this post but did you know that many schools ban backpacks on wheels? They can cause issues while getting on buses causing children to trip and fall on the stairs etc...

  6. These are some great tips regarding backpacks. It can be so easy to overload them and this can really do some damage to our backs.

  7. This is so great to know! I had no idea!

  8. Those are cute back packs. My fave is the blue one.

  9. You never really think about how heavy their loads are. I remember when I was in high school my back pains would be so bad.


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