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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Get Out THere and Share Your Enthusiasm

When I was in grade school part of the start of the day was an assembly for the entire school. It was a way of getting us a wake and shaking us up so that we were ready for the day. You can get your family as well as co-workers up and alert by hosting a quick assembly every day as well. Here are some great ideas

  • does anyone have any good news to share?? It always makes the one sharing and may make others feel special as well. 
  • Use the ole fridge to share good news that may be going. This can be done in break room or at home
  • Has anyone completed a goal that they were striving for?? Has progress been made on an area that has been worked on?? Share it and make all feel special and encouraged
  • Help family stay close by staring a page just for them. Share important dates, family plans, pictures and anything else of interest
  • help others feel encouraged by getting out as a group and volunteer. Some ideas may include cleaning up litter, make meals for local shelter, walk dogs for shelters, Take lots of pictures and share on a community site help all feel encouraged by helping out
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