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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Sorry (2015)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here

1) This song is a plea for a second chance. Are you good at forgiving/forgetting? 

forgiveness comes quick forgetting takes quite a bit longer if it ever happens I live by the three time rule (1) shame on you (2) shame on me no need to worry about (3) as it wont happen
2) Justin asks his girl to "forget this." What have you done/said recently that you wish could just be forgotten?

there have been a few different arguments that I wish would not have happened but for the most part if I said it I meant it and well, it most likely needed said.
3) Mr. Bieber says he needs just 6 hours sleep every night. How about you? How much sleep do you require to feel sharp?

I normally get about 6 hours of sleep as I work a day job that starts at 6 am On my days off I like to sleep around 10 hours or more.

4) Justin prefers D&G underwear, which can cost as much as $102/pair. Sam may be crazy, but there's no way she'd spend that much on underwear. What's something you're willing to splurge on?

Splurging is not really part of our life style. We live by the land whenever we can and love resale shops and garage sales. We play the game the other way the best for the least price.
5) He may be picky about underwear but not cuisine. He loves Big Macs. If we were going to McDonald's, what would you order?

This is probably the easiest question of the day for me, always the same at MacD's we love chicken nuggets and diet coke. Son and hubby also love their tea. 
6) When it comes to healthier fare, Bieber has told fans he enjoys snacking on bananas and grapes. What do you reach for between meals?

This depends on if I am being good or not. When I am staying on my diet it would be fruit like oranges but when I am not I reach for cookies, chips or chewy candy
7) Performing in Germany, Justin Bieber told a girl who approached the stage, "Ich liebe dich” ("I love you") and she fainted. Have you ever fainted?

nope had a friend when I was a kid who would faint all the time 
8) As a kid, Justin was teased for being one of the shortest in his class. What do you recall being teased about in school?

anything from short hair, my glasses, my shoes you name it it happened once or twice. 
9) Random question: Will you be watching this weekend's Super Bowl?

I am sure it will be on the T.V. but I like the commercials more than I like the super bowl

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  1. I'm with you about Super Bowl ads, they usually are more amusing than the game. ;-)

  2. I love your answer s. I'm Mary , glad to meet you!!


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